Perfect for dabbing, Canavape Extracts is a terpene infused, multi cannabinoid wax isolate containing cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). This CBD wax has a total purity of over 93%, offering a minimum of 425mg of CBD and 42.5mg of CBG per 0.5g portion, and is completely THC free.

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Our multi-cannabinoid CBD wax, Canavape Extracts, is available in a range of different flavours that are based off your favourite cannabis strains, from Girl Scout Cookies to KoKo Kush. We infuse them with terpenes to produce an authentic and complete flavour, and they contain both CBD and CBG which means they benefit from the entourage effect.

Available in 500mg packets, Canavape Extracts are perfect for dabbing on a rig, water pipe, or suitable vaporiser for fast-acting and hard-hitting CBD effects.

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is a concentrated CBD extract that’s used for dabbing and is sometimes known as shatter, crumble, or isolate. It’s more concentrated than other CBD products, which makes it popular with experienced CBD users who are looking for a way to increase their CBD intake. 

Each serving of Canavape Extracts CBD wax has a total purity that exceeds 93%. It can be melted or vaporised using a dab rig, wax pen, or another similar device that’s specifically used for dabbing.

What equipment do I need to dab CBD?

You can dab CBD using a range of different devices, including a full dab rig, a wax vaporiser, or a specialised vape pen for crumble and wax.  Use of Canavape Extracts in regular e-liquid vape pens is not recommended for anyone other than experienced e-liquid mixers with knowledge of how to mix cannabinoid products with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine-based liquids.

How do I dab CBD?

When you have the right dabbing equipment, you’re ready to start dabbing. To get started, heat the CBD wax until it changes state from a solid to a gas. Then inhale through the mouthpiece of your dab rig or vaporiser. Start with a small, crumb size amount and test how well it works for you before building up.

Legal CBD Products Made In The UK

All of our CBD products are made in our UK lab using non-psychoactive cannabinoids from cannabis sativa or hemp plants. They’re entirely legal and contain no THC, but are full of other beneficial cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDv, and terpenes.

Because none of our products contain THC, they don’t get you ‘high’. Instead, the cannabinoid profile of each of our CBD products is specially formulated to provide a range to suit all customers and methods of application including oral CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, capsules and more…

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