CBD Concentrates

Increase the strength of your CBD intake or boost your favourite e-liquid with our range of CBD concentrates, including CBD wax crumble and vape additives.

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                CBD concentrates are the perfect product if you’ve tried CBD oil or e-liquid and are looking for something a little stronger. With a range including CBD wax crumble for dabbing and CBD vape additives for dropping in your favourite e-liquid, our concentrates offer a flexible way of working cannabinoids into your life.

                Our range of CBD wax is terpene infused to recreate the flavours of some of your favourite cannabis strains. It’s also multi-cannabinoid, with CBD, CBG, and terpenes combining to create the entourage effect.

                If you’re looking to add CBD to one of your favourite e-liquids, the CBD vape additives from our concentrates range are perfect for you. Available in three different strengths, you can choose which level of CBD is best for your desired effect.

                What CBD concentrate is right for me?

                If you’re a confident dabber and have all the right equipment, including a dab rig or wax vaporiser, then CBD wax crumble is a good choice. It’s one of the most concentrated forms of CBD you can get, with around 93% purity.

                Our CBD and CBG vape additives are better suited if you already vape e-liquids and are looking for a simple way to work cannabinoids into your life. They’re easy to add to your current e-liquid and won’t affect the flavour or smell.

                How much CBD concentrate should I use?

                Everybody’s tolerance to CBD is different, so how much you should use depends on your physiology and your experience with CBD products. However, we generally advise that you start with a low amount and gradually work your way up to determine what level is right for you.

                Legal CBD Products Made In The UK

                All of our CBD products are made in an accredited UK lab using non-psychoactive cannabinoids from cannabis sativa or hemp plants. They’re entirely legal and contain no THC, but are full of other beneficial cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDv, and terpenes.

                Because none of our products contain THC, they don’t get you ‘high’. Instead, the cannabinoid profile of each of our CBD products is specially formulated to provide a range to suit all customers and methods of application including oral CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, capsules and more…

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