Monday 03rd June 2019

Guide To CBD Crumble

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As CBD grows in popularity all over the world, users are becoming more aware of different ways to take it. You may have tried ingesting CBD in one or several of the popular ways. Commonly, people use CBD oil drops, CBD capsules, or CBD vape juice – but CBD crumble offers something different.

So what exactly is CBD wax crumble and why could it be a better way for you to get your daily CBD?

What is CBD crumble?

Wax crumble is a cannabis extract made using heat and filtration to create a cannabis CBD concentrate. Users of CBD crumble will inhale using a dab rig or vaporiser and can experience extremely fast effects, often within seconds of inhalation. The CBD is absorbed through the lungs directly into the bloodstream, which gives it a direct route to the brain.

Whilst other CBD crumbles can often lose their terpenes once they’re turned into a crumble, Canavape’s is reinfused with terpenes and cannabinoids to give you a synergistic effect. Each serving is guaranteed to exceed 93% purity but has been known to demonstrate up to 98% purity.

Is CBD extract crumble right for me?

Due to the high concentration of CBD that is in each dose of CBD crumble, we recommend that the product is used by experienced CBD users and vapers. If you’ve been taking CBD for a long time and want to experience a different, more potent way of taking it, the crumble will be ideal.

However, remember that it’s not good for people who want to take CBD on the go, as it’s not very discreet. Dabbing can often be associated with people who dab illegal or homemade substances, so you may not feel comfortable doing it in public.

How to use CBD wax crumble

To use CBD wax crumble, you’ll have to dab it using a rig. Using this method, you can control your dosage completely and work out what’s best for you. If you haven’t seen a dab rig before, you may be mistakenly referring to them as bongs – they look similar and both filter vapour using percolation, however, dab rigs and oil rigs are intended for use with legal concentrates like wax and oil. Bongs are commonly used with tobacco, dry herbs, or flowers.

To get started with a dab rig, you will need a dab nail, dab torch, carb cap, and dabber tool, and you’ll also need to be a confident vaper with experience mixing your own PG and VG juices.

  1. Heat a small amount of wax by applying it to the heated coil of your dab rig or dab pen
  2. Inhale the wax through the attached mouthpiece
  3. Start off with a small dose and then build up as needed

Last updated: Wednesday 24th July 2019