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Canavape® introduced the first CBD e-liquid to the UK in 2014 and we’ve been researching, developing and selling high-grade cannabinoid products ever since. Come check out what we have to offer.

Canavape® CBD E-Liquid

Canavape CBD E-Liquid 10 ML CBD 100 MG

Canavape® CBD E-Liquid with CBG

Canavape® CBD+ CBD E-Liquid with CBG 20 ML CBD 200-400 MG CBG 20-40 MG

Canavape® Complete™

Canavape® Complete™ Terpene Infused CBD E-Liquid 30 ML CBD 300-600 MG CBG 30-60 MG

Canavape® Additives

Canavape® Additives CBD / CBG Vape Additives 10 ML CBD 600-1200 MG / CBG 500 MG

ECS® CBD Oils, Tinctures and Balms

ECS® Naturally Beneficial CBD Oil, Capsules & Balm Alternative CBD Products

CBD Vape Devices and Starter Kits

Canavape® Starter Kits CBD Vape Devices The perfect e-cigarettes for Vaping CBD

Canavape® Extracts

Canavape® Extracts CBD Wax Crumble High Grade Terpene Infused CBD Dabs

CBD E-Liquids, Oils & More

If you’re looking for high quality CBD e-liquids, oils, and extracts, choose Canavape®. We research, formulate, and produce a range of CBD products in our UK-based laboratory and we’ve built a reputation for developing some of the best cannabinoid products on the market.

Try our range of CBD e-liquids, with different strengths of CBD and a variety of flavours to choose from including blueberry, cola, and pink lemonade.

We also specialise in CBD oils and tinctures, perfect for if you want to bring the benefits of CBD into your life but don’t want to vape.

Want something a bit different? We offer a collection of alternative CBD products such as wax crumble, capsules, and e-liquid additives, giving you the choice of how to get your cannabinoids.

This Weeks Best Selling CBD Products

Here are a selection of the most popular and best selling CBD products on our website.

Legal CBD Products Made In The UK

All of our CBD products are made in our UK lab using non-psychoactive cannabinoids from cannabis sativa or hemp plants. They’re entirely legal and contain no THC, but are full of other beneficial cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDv, and terpenes.

Because none of our products contain THC, they don’t get you ‘high’. Instead, the cannabinoid profile of each of our CBD products is specially formulated to provide a range to suit all customers and methods of application including oral CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, capsules and more...

The Latest CBD News From The Canavape® Blog

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest CBD, Hemp and Cannabis news? Great, you're in the right place! Here's a selection of Canavape's latest blog posts covering topics suitable for people who are new to consuming cannabinoids and advanced users alike.

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