OG Jane (Kush) CBD & Terpene E-Liquid 30ml

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Key Features

  • 30ml glass dropper bottle
  • Contains both CBD & CBG
  • Available in a choice of MG strength’s
  • Infused with naturally derived terpenes
  • Formulated for use in all electronic cigarettes
  • Safely manufactured in the Canavape® laboratory
  • Laboratory tested for purity with a certificate of analysis
  • 0% THC, 0% residues, 0% waxes, 0% unknown impurities
  • Developed using pharmaceutical grade carrier ingredients

Earn up to 349 Points when you buy this product.


The nations only multi-cannabinoid vape liquid offering more than just CBD. Canavape Complete® takes CBD e-liquid to the next level. Infused with naturally derived terpenes, purified CBG (cannabigerol) and manufactured by experts: Canavape Complete® is a sensational, one-of-a-kind vape liquid. Available in 30ml Complete® is a 70:30 PG/VG ratio.

If you are looking for the highest-grade terpene infused vape liquid just follow your nose! Complete® offers effective results in a choice of six exclusive terpene profiles and two cannabinoid strengths containing both CBD & CBD. This is known as also known as a “spectrum of cannabinoids”.

OG Jane, also known as OG Kush, has an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. This strain is usually known for its relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and sleepy benefits.

There are thousands of terpenes produced by hundreds of plant species. Each terpene has a unique scent and many terpenes have already been studied in order to identify their therapeutic effects.

We have identified synergistic effects when combining higher levels of one individual terpene with cannabinoids and other terpenes. For example, Limonene is a more dominant terpene featured  in the OG Jane strain profile of Canavape Complete® – one of the most popular terpenes for those seeking mood elevation.

The ten most commonly found terpenes in the cannabis plant are:

Limonene Pinene Myrcene Linalool Delta-3-Carene Eucalyptol Beta-Caryophyllene Humulene Borneol Terpineol

Research shows that when terpenes interact with cannabinoid receptors they can positively assist the effects of cannabinoids.


Directions & Storage

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Shake well before each use. Read device instructions to fill tank or cartridge. Not to be used by or sold to anyone under the age of 18. For use in electronic cigarettes only.



Glass Dropper


300mg, 600mg
30mg, 60mg

Reviews (13)

  1. gravatar


    I am from Greece and it would be difficult even in my language to describe and say how enormous that taste is.Many congrats to your lab scientist who created this amazing vape!

  2. gravatar


    Don’t bother going anywhere else people. Great products & amazing customer service when processing the order. (and a godsend for my anxiety problems!)

  3. gravatar


    Totally different vape experience! The smell is just like the strain. I slept like a baby. Will defo buy again. PEACE.

  4. gravatar

    Lynn W

    Only had this juice a few days and feeling the benefit already issues are slowly easing off – nice tasting juice to – will be buying again

  5. gravatar


    Like inhaling well-being. The OG Jane is exquisite – sparkling, resin-y, like fresh, cool air and fir trees. Aftermath: a calm space where one can remember what being discomfort-free is like. Highly recommended.

  6. gravatar

    Paul Le C

    I am currently using this product and it is simply the best CBD product on offer on the market today , I have tried most out there is nothing comes close to the strengths and flavour for the money , Not only that but it has CBG and other terpenes which are much more beneficial I will only be using Canavape from now on as I feel it is doing so much more for my self treatment than any other CBD E-Liquid product out there , I hope to be able to use it in a tincture form in the future ! Thanks Canavape !

  7. gravatar

    Timm O’Neil

    Lovely flavors and vape, lasts ages and nice in evening.

  8. gravatar

    Ian Mullins

    Honestly, a beautiful taste from this one, the nicest I’ve tasted thus far. I have also tried the tangerine dream however that is no longer available. I would highly recommend this one along with the strawberry chill amazing flavours. They are the only three I’ve tried and would recommend all. However this OG Jane is the closest I’ve come to tasting like the real thing.

  9. gravatar


    Got the 600mg version. Such high quality terpenes can really taste the specific strain. It came really quickly and have really noticed lots of the benefits that CBD brings.

  10. gravatar


    Received item today,thank you for the quick delivery X this flavour and liquid is excellent love it,I already feel much better after suffering with a problem this week X I will be definitely buying again and again X thank you xx

  11. gravatar

    Darren Davies

    Gives a really nice inner warmth, vaping at 18 watts.
    I get a taste like lemonade along with a rather authentic jane flavour.
    CBD oil is way thinner than may 100% VG tobacco liquid but not causing any vape issues.
    Both of my CBD vapes mix really well with my daily vape liquid if desired.

  12. gravatar

    Richard Mitic

    I’ve smoked weed for 22 years. if you were or are still a smoker and lookin for something similar in cbd. Go for this one. It’s really earthy like a nice J of kush easily the best terp profile out the bunch I can’t believe I left it till last from reading others reviews. It’s the best by far ✌️

  13. gravatar

    Darwin N

    Lost for words hands down the most interesting flavour from a vape liquid i have had. Relaxing and full of flavour fast delivery i would certainly buy this again.

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