Manufacturing CBD Products The Trustworthy Way

Although it’s growing at a rapid rate, both in terms of market size and mainstream awareness, the CBD industry is still surprisingly unregulated.

This means that basically anyone can set up a CBD shop online and sell products that are made in less than ideal (or sometimes unknown) conditions. These products might not be tested before being sold, and for all you know, they might not even contain CBD. Not only is that worrying for you, the consumer, it’s also a concern for us.

As a leading CBD vaping manufacturer, our reputation is tied to the reputation of the industry as a whole and wild-west-style retailers who don’t do their due diligence can ruin things for everyone. That’s why we think it’s important that you know exactly how we operate, bringing you peace of mind that Canavape products are – and always will be – high-quality, well-researched, and meticulously tested.

Our accreditations

In 2015, we recognised the need to operate as if we were selling in a regulated industry, so we invested heavily in our manufacturing infrastructure to make sure we were meeting standards.

We became ISO 14644 compliant, which means that the laboratory that we produce our CBD products in is tested independently on an annual basis and meets all expectations. We’re rated as an ISO7 clean room laboratory according to the ISO 14644 standards, which basically means that there are fewer microscopic particles in the air in our laboratory. We are also a registered food manufacturer under regulation from the FDA and we’re currently pursuing ISO19001 compliance.

How we make CBD products

All products that we produce in-house are made using pure cannabidiol (CBD) supplied to us from a UK-based pharmaceutical company. We believe we’re the only company to manufacture CBD e-liquid with pharmaceutical grade CBD made in the UK, which is why we’re confident enough in our trademark ‘High Grade Cannabinoids’ to put it on our packaging.

Additionally, all of the cannabigerol (CBG) in our products is supplied directly to us from an EU-based laboratory for cannabis sciences. The carrier oils we use to make our vape liquids are European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.) or United States Pharmacopia (USP) grade and the hemp seed oils and MCT oils used in ECS products are imported from Canada.

All of the oils we use are tested before they’re shipped to us, but we check them again when they’re in the final formulation of our products. Being tested twice helps us to ensure that:

  1. Our products only contain what they’re supposed to
  2. Nothing has gone wrong in the manufacturing process
  3. The product strength we advertise is accurate


On new batches of oral or ingestible products, we also carry out screening to ensure there’s no mould, bacteria, heavy metals, or pesticides contained. We use gas chromatography for testing terpenes and liquid chromatography for testing cannabinoids.

All of our third-party, independent testing is carried out by Fundacion Canna, a global leading authority on cannabis and hemp derivative testing.

CBD that can be trusted

Acting as though we’re operating in a regulated industry means that we always stay trustworthy and reliable. Quality control is key in our company, and we refuse to put out products that don’t meet our own high standards for CBD consumables.

Our stringent dedication to internationally respected standards and quality grades mean that we produce world-leading CBD products that can be trusted and, best of all, enjoyed.

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