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Canavape® are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality supplements available. 

What is CBD or Cannabidiol used in your CBD E Liquid?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the least 120 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. The CBD oils and waxes used by Canavape® come from commercially grown, organic hemp plants which are naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Factual and straightforward information on the benefits of CBD is available online by using a popular search engine. We offer products in a range of MG strengths: CBD (with dedicated CBG) E Liquids and products in 100MG, 200MG 300MG 400MG 600MG 1000MG and so on.
Our products also contain a host of legal cannabinoids found in whole plant (full spectrum) extracts. We use both oil and pure isolate bases to develop the most advanced cannabinoid products known to man kind!

What is Cannabigerol or CBG and why is this in your CBD E Liquids and CBD oils?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found during the early stages of the growing cycle and can be extracted from budding plants roughly three quarters of the way through their flowering stage. This makes CBG one of the most valuable and potenitally beneficial cannabinoids that we know of.  Canavape® CBD E Liquid, Canavape® Complete (CBD E Liquid with CBG & terpenes) and ECS® oral cannabinoids all contain Cannabigerol. Our products are not " just another CBD product".

The cannabis plant has over 100 active cannabinoids each with different properties. Most research and attention has been given to the major compounds; Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), although there are many others, which are being discovered as time goes on.
Cannabinoids are most effective when used alongside each other. This creates what is known as the ‘entourage effect’. Canavape® and NV Biotech are proud to be the first company in the UK to launch Cannabigerol based products. 

Here is some useful, factual information on the "entourage" effect:
The Entourage effect is a phrase that was introduced in science in 1998 to represent a endogenous cannabinoid molecular regulation route. Biological activity assayed together with inactive compounds. Other cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids contribution to clinical cannabis effects has been espoused as an “entourage effect”. 

How strong are your products & what % are they?

Canavape® do not express the strength of our products as a percentage on our bottle. Instead we tell you exactly how many milligrams or MG's there are within your bottle (CBD and CBG). We believe percentages can be very misleading unless you know exactly how to calculate a % based on the original compounds added to a product. 
As an example for you, our 250MG CBD E Liquid in a 15ML bottle would give you a CBD % of 1.67% 

What PG : VG ratio are your CBD and CBG E Liquids?

PG & VG Ratios:

1) Canavape® CBD E Liquids are 50% VG : 50% PG. Made using pure cannabidiol and cannabigerol

2) Natures Vapes® (formally - MediVapour™) is over 90% organic VG and organic hemp oil rich in CBD

3) Canavape® Complete cannabinoid liquid uses a combination of PG, VG and natual cannabis and plant derived terpenes. Due to the terpene content Canavape® Complete requires shaking before use. 

Are hemp oils and their cannabinoids in your products legal?

Yes they are. All of our CBD E Liquid, CBD:CBG E Liquids, Oral hemp oils and supplements are legal.

None of our products contain THC, the cannabinoid scheduled as a Class B substance under the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

CBD, CBDV & CBG have no psychoactive effects and are not subject to any legal restrictions on their import, sale, possession or use. Our products contain no psychoactive ingredients and are 100% legal. There are numerous reported benefits of cannabinoids worldwide which include CBD, CBG & CBDv.
Information about the legal status of cannabinoids is available online. 

Will I get high from Canavape® CBD E Liquid or other cannabinoid products sold on this website?

No, all products manufactured by NV Biotech including Canavape® CBD E Liquids contain non-psychoactive legal cannabinoids found in whole plant (full spectrum) extracts. 

Our products are made from pharmacutical grade extracts of the Cannabis sativa plant, with naturally occurring high amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG) and trace amounts of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - the main compound which cases you to feel "high") We only include the highest quality, lab tested ingredients into our CBD E Liquids and hemp oil products.

What category do your cannabinoid and CBD E Liquid products fall under?

All products manufactured by NV Biotech (Canavape®, MediVapour™, Natures Vapes®, ECS® Gold Drops) are intended as a daily cannabinoid supplement and can be used to optimise your well-being. Canavape® CBD E Liquid and Canavape® complete can be used in any vape device. We hope you enjoy using one of our CBD E Liquids or cannabinoid supplements.

Can I use your CBD or CBG E Liquids in my current vape device?

Yes you can... but please consider the below: 

Canavape® stock personal vaping devices or "E cigs" and we choose the models based on experience and proven performance. All E liquids work best in purpose built "E Cigs" rather than disposable or the cheaper style slim line pens. If you currently own a slim line pen device with a 0.5ml or 1ml cartridge then its definitely worth upgrading your setup to maximize the benefits of our Cannabinoid products. 

You may also find it useful to know that vaping Canavape® CBD E liquids works out to be over 40% better value for money vs the slim line pens with expensive replacement cartridges. We strongly advise upgrading to a popular E Cig device if you currently use a slim line pen. This is so you get the most out of your CBD, CBG or Cannabinoid vape product.


What is a "tincture" and how do I use an oral cannabinoid product?

Traditionally a tincture would be a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. However our modern definition would be more along the lines of; a compound suspended in carrier oils to aid absorption and bioavailability. Our ECS® oral cannabinoid oils and CompleX™ 25MG capsules are a fantastic alternative to vaping one of our CBD E Liquids

Our hemp oil tinctures are oral products designed for sublingual absorption, meaning under the tongue. 

To absorb, simply drop under the tongue and hold for at least 90 seconds. Some oral cannabinoid products taste nice, some can taste strong and not so pleasant. This is normal dependent on the product. 

Oral CBD and CBG hemp oils/tinctures are not for use in electronic cigarettes and will damage your device. Please only use orally! 

What is CBDv (Cannabidivarin)

Cannabidivarin (CBDv) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid very similar to cannabidiol (CBD). 

There has been very little clinical research into CBDv. However, several studies have been conducted over the past few years in countries including the UK.

A 2013 study by the University of Reading in London published by the National Institute of Health revealed that CBDv may be effective in treating epilepsy and other conditions involving seizures.

We already include CBDv in our Canavape® Complete cannabinoid liquid only in a very small measurement. As we learn more about CBDv and its usefulness alongside CBG and CBD we will increase the amount within our formulations.

What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability means the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation, one of the principal pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. By definition, when a medication is administered intravenously, its bioavailability is 100%. When vaped (like our CBD : CBG E Liquids) and absorbed through the loungs this can drop to 60% - 80% and even lower for oral applications.

For this reason we use carrier oils in our oral based CBD, CBG, CBDv products which the body absorbs along with these amazing Cannabinoids 

What is a "Cannabinoid"?

Cannabinoids are simply chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release throughout the brain. The most well-known cannabinoids include CBD, THC, CBG, CBN and THCa. More recently CBDv has been studied however its properties are still very unknown. 

Where are these products made?

Canavape® is a company belonging to NV Biotech based in Camden Town London. NV Biotech is a vertically integrated cannabinoid focused biotechnology company. This offers complete in house control over quality and precision in the formulation of our product range. All Canavape® CBD E Liquids are made in an accredited clean environment.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors located in the mammalian brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, consisting of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors. Known as "the body’s own cannabinoid system the ECS is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory, and in mediating the psychoactive effects of cannabis (especially THC!)

Two primary endocannabinoid receptors have been identified: CB1, first cloned in 1990; and CB2, cloned in 1993. CB1 receptors are found predominantly in the brain and nervous system, as well as in peripheral organs and tissues, and are the main molecular target of the endocannabinoid ligand (binding molecule), Anandamide, as well as its mimetic phytocannabinoid, THC. One other main endocannabinoid is 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) which is active at both cannabinoid receptors, along with its own mimetic phytocannabinoid, CBD. 2-AG and CBD are involved in the regulation of appetite, immune system functions and pain management.

There is some oily orange stuff in my E Liquid... What is it and is it normal?

We are quite often asked in the winter months what the orange stuff is which you will notice within MediVapour™ & Natures Vapes®  high VG CBD E Liquid!

Its hemp oil, a key component of our MediVapour™ & Natures Vapes® liquids. The cold weather can make it separate slightly during transit so just allow it to get to room temperature and shake for 1 - 2 minutes. 

We use this fully winterised vape safe oil because it contains a host of cannabinoids, not just one! Its highly beneficial VS CBD only products.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards over the telephone
You can even pay us by bank transfer if you choose this option when checking out
The choice is yours

How does your loyalty points scheme work for returning customers?

Besides our weekly giveaways and competitions we have some great incentives to keep you coming back... 

When making a purchase on the Canavape® website you will automatically be awarded with loyalty points. For each £1.00 spent we give you a point worth 5%. These points add up and give you a discount off your future purchases. In addition we also give returning customers a free express delivery so you don't have to pay to get your order quickly. 

Every so often we also increase our points and offer triple point weeks! Keep a look out for these extra discounts on our website, Facebook, Instagram and across our social media channels. 

How will CBD, cannabinoids and hemp oils help me?

Our products containing CBD, CBG, CBDa & other phytocannabinoids which when used as a supplement may contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you extracts contain solvents, fats or any other things i have read about online?

No! The cannabis sativa L plant matter which is used to extract our cannabninoids all comes from certified European cannabis/hemp strains both of which are organic and non GM. This ensures that our products are both environmentally friendly and do not harm the eco system. There are no residual solvents present in any of our cannabinoids or carrier oils. 

There are lots of products available online... why should i choose Canavape®

We know we offer the best!

Canavape® is the original and first Cannabinoid product manufacturer in the UK! Canavape® have a deep understanding of how to make a product work... backed up by years of expertise and scientific know how.
You should always purchase CBD products from a reputable company who you can contact. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!
Canavape® take the manufacturing, quality control and testing of all products seriously.

Products containing CBD products on this website are not marketed for medical use

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Reviews of our products are available online from independent sources