CBD Oil & Capsules ECS® Gold Drops & Complex:30 Capsules

ECS® CBD Oils & Capsules are a simple way to incorporate CBD and a host of legal beneficial cannabinoids into your daily regime without the hassle of unpleasant low-grade hemp extracts. ECS® products offer palatable bio-availability like no other CBD oil range. ECS products have been made using a full plant organic extracts & pure cannabinoids since 2014.

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If you want to take CBD or other cannabinoids daily but don’t want to vape e-liquids or dab concentrates, consumables like CBD oil tinctures and capsules are a simple way to incorporate cannabinoids into your regime.

Our ECS Gold Drops oral tincture comes in a dropper bottle containing CBD and CBG, and is applied under the tongue where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s a fast, convenient, and easy way of taking cannabinoids and comes in three different strengths – 3%, 6%, and 12%.

Complex:30 Capsules are an even more discreet way of ingesting cannabinoids, coming in a pot of 30 which is enough to last 30 days. Each capsule has 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG.

Buy your choice of CBD oil or capsules and incorporate CBD into your lifestyle today.

Do CBD oil and capsules contain THC?

THC is a psychoactive cannabis compound that is illegal in the UK. Canavape and ECS products do not contain THC.

Will these products help me sleep?

A lot of CBD users report that taking CBD oil and capsules helps them get to sleep at night. Studies show that it can benefit users with insomnia and it also has relaxing and anti-anxiety qualities.

How long will a 30ml bottle last?

A 30ml bottle will provide you with approximately 30 days usage when following our recommended guidelines.

Can I use CBD oil alongside CBD e-liquid?

If you own multiple different CBD products, it’s possible to use them alongside each other. Just choose the method of use that is most convenient for you that day.

Which strength should I start with?

The strength of CBD that you require depends on the level of relief that you need. Whatever strength you begin with, it’s important to start off with a low dose and then build it up if necessary.

Will this affect my medication?

CBD has the potential to interfere with certain medications as it effects the way that the P450 enzyme metabolises many medications. If you’re on medication, you should consult your doctor to see if it is safe for you to supplement your medicines with CBD. If your medicine uses the P450 system, it may be affected by CBD. All decisions regarding medication should be an informed choice.

Drugs that may be affected by CBD include: steroids, antihistamines, HIV antivirals, antibiotics, anaesthetics, antidepressants, beta blockers, anti-epileptics, and antipsychotics.