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Maintain, Support and Optimise your endocannabinoid system with ECS® CBD products.

ECS® Gold Drops™ - Multi Cannabinoid (cbd & cbg) oral oils & tinctures

Complex:30 - CBD Capsules containing CBD & CBG

ECS® Topicalm CBD spray - For topical use

ECS® cbd products are the simple way to incorporate CBD and a host of legal beneficial cannabinoids into your daily regime without the hassle of unpleasant low grade hemp extracts. ECS® products offer palatable bio-availability like no other CBD oil range. ECS products have been made using a full plant organic extracts & pure cannabinoids since 2014.

Large 30ML ECS® Gold Drops - Offering a whole months supply at a strength to suit you
> Contains both CBD & CBG extracted from organically grown hemp 
> Full plant & organically certified hemp oils 
> Suitable for vegetarians
> Made using certified organic oils
> Packed full of beneficial cannabinoids which can optimise your well being
> High strength total cannabinoid content: Not just CBD
> Made in the UK by NV Biotech

Using only the finest extraction methods, we take pride in sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients just as nature intended. Oral tincture cannabinoid products are an ideal way to boost the level of cannabinoids within your endocannabinoid system.