Friday 10th May 2019

What is CBG?

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If you’ve heard of CBD, you’ve probably also heard of CBG, or cannabigerol to use its full name. CBD producers that extract full spectrum hemp oil often boast about the CBG content of their product since its presence, and the presence of any of the other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, are responsible for what has been called the entourage effect.

CBG is one of more than 120 identified cannabinoid compounds, but it’s found in much lower quantities than other cannabinoids in cannabis plants. In fact, it has a less than 1% presence in most strains, which often depend on the age of the plant. Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive.

What does CBG do?

Like other cannabinoids, CBG can be introduced through ingestion to the human endocannabinoid system, which is used in many different functions around the body. Much like CBD, CBG is used medicinally by many people, but governing bodies still need much more scientific evidence before CBD or CBG will be classed as medicine.

How is CBG made?

CBG is essentially a younger cannabinoid and found in younger cannabis plants. Cannabis breeders who want to produce CBD oil with a high CBG content either harvest their plants at an earlier stage or experiment with cannabis strains that are genetically higher in CBG than others to create a strong CBG strain.

THC and CBD both start out as CBG, and plants that are high in THC or CBD tend to be low in CBG. That is because most of the CBG has been converted to CBD or THC. How it works is enzymes in the plant break CBGA down and direct it down one of three lines: THCA, CBDA or CBCA. When these cannabinoids are exposed to ultraviolet light or heat, they become THC, CBD, and CBC.

What’s the difference between CBG and CBD?

The biggest difference between CBG and CBD is that CBG is the parent compound and present in small quantities in the plant while CBD and THC are present in larger quantities. CBD oil with larger quantities of CBG has been said to have anti-fungal properties. Early studies show that CBG could be able to increase appetite, inhibit the growth of some tumours, and have neuroprotective effects.

What CBG products are available?

As producers of high quality CBD products, we recommend multi-cannabinoid products which combine CBD, CBG and terpenes. Some of our highest quality CBG products are:

Canavape® CBD+

Canavape’s CBD e-liquid with CBG is a multi-cannabinoid vape liquid, available in two different strengths, with a 10:1 ration of CBD to CBG.

Canavape Complete®

Canavape Complete Terpene infused CBD e-liquid includes CBD and CBG, as well as a broad spectrum of terpenes. Because cannabinoids work well together with terpenes, this is considered the most effective way of using cannabinoids.

CBG Additive

CBG additive is used to strengthen and alter the effects of e-liquids, balms and cosmetics. Canavape’s CBG additive offers 500MG+ of pure CBD, packed into a UV proof bottle.

Canavape® Extracts

Canavape® Extracts is a terpene infused multi-cannabinoid concentrate which includes CBD and CBG and is commonly used for dabbing or vaporising.

ECS® Gold Drops & Complex:30 Capsules

ECS® Gold Drops & Complex:30 Capsules offer a discreet and convenient way of consuming CBD and CBG. Taken daily as an oral supplement, these products are a popular way to maintain, support and optimise your endocannabinoid system.

Last updated: Monday 17th June 2019