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    The Science Behind Medicinal CBD: A Collection of Scientific Abstracts Published Between 1975 and 2019

    While the benefits of CBD oil are yet to be recognised by major health organisations, medical research has been carried out on the cannabis plants and its compounds sporadically for …

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    Cooking With CBD Oil

    Vaping CBD isn’t for everyone, and neither is taking CBD drops orally. This explains why some people seek out other ways of including it in their diets, from using oral …

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    10 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Use CBD

    Can you remember when you first heard about the benefits of CBD? Over the past few years, the cannabinoid compound has gained traction all over the world, and now a huge …

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    CBD Coffee: The Alertness Of Coffee Without The Jitters?

    As CBD cafés start to pop up in cities around the UK, we ask what is it that makes CBD coffee so popular amongst the CBD community. One such hidden …

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    Guide To CBD Crumble

    As CBD grows in popularity all over the world, users are becoming more aware of different ways to take it. You may have tried ingesting CBD in one or several …

  • CBD vape with marijuana leaf

    4 Of The Best CBD Vape Pens 2019

    There are many different ways to take CBD: some people ingest CBD oil orally, others rub CBD balm onto their skin, or use discreet CBD capsules. Any of these methods of taking CBD can be …

  • Happy couple in a car

    Is It Safe To Drive After Taking CBD?

    As awareness around CBD has grown, it has become more and more popular with people around the UK and beyond. Research is still ongoing to determine the exact benefits of CBD, but users …

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    What is CBG?

    If you’ve heard of CBD, you’ve probably also heard of CBG, or cannabigerol to use its full name. CBD producers that extract full spectrum hemp oil often boast about the …

  • cannabis buds

    Can You Smoke Hemp And Is It Good For You?

    Smokable hemp flowers are more available now than ever and they’re being used by some people as a replacement for other methods of ingesting CBD, or even as a replacement …

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