• Man vaping

    What Is VG And PG?

    As a newcomer, navigating the world of vape juice can be a bit daunting. There’s a lot of jargon involved. What on earth is vegetable glycerine? And do you have …

  • CBD

    What Is Reverse Tolerance?

    Reverse tolerance – also known as drug sensitisation – is a pharmacological term that describes the phenomenon, be it positive or negative, that occurs when a user experiences an increased …

  • CBD

    High CBD Cannabis Strains

    Cannabis plants produce thousands of compounds, with the most recognised belonging to a class called cannabinoids, of which there are approximately 110. The discovery of these compounds led to the …

  • herbal organic medicine product. natural herb essential from nature.

    What Is Hemp Seed Oil And Does It Have Side Effects?

    It’s important to know the difference between hemp and marijuana in order to understand hemp seed oil and how it can be used. Although hemp and marijuana are both types …

  • Back or shoulder injury on female athlete

    How CBD Is Used In Sport

    As awareness grows around CBD and its benefits, sports people all over the world have started to use it for its reported benefits on mental and physical health. Athletes that …

  • Marijuana compound structure

    What’s The Difference Between CBD And THC?

    CBD and THC are both cannabinoids found in cannabis, although it’s not commonly known what the differences are between the two. Here at Canavape, we believe that you should understand …

  • Hand holding marijuana leaf

    A Guide To CBD Oil Dosage

    Having the right information about CBD dosage is important before you start taking CBD oil or any of the other products CBD oil is an ingredient in. Knowing how much CBD to …

  • Tower Bridge, London

    New cannabis-derived medicine legislation excludes millions of Brits with chronic illnesses

    Despite a recent change in legislation surrounding cannabis-derived medicine, and the general support of the British public, guidelines put in place by public health services are restricting its use. This …

  • CBD dropper and jar

    Three Things To Look For When Buying CBD Oil

    CBD oil has quickly built a reputation for being of medicinal use, with qualities suitable for being considered a pain relieving, anxiety-reducing, and generally therapeutic substance. Not all CBD oil is …

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