Tuesday 11th June 2019

CBD Coffee: The Alertness Of Coffee Without The Jitters?

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As CBD cafés start to pop up in cities around the UK, we ask what is it that makes CBD coffee so popular amongst the CBD community.

One such hidden gem is Mary Jane’s Café in Bristol, which specialises in CBD enhanced coffee. What makes this CBD café so special is that rather than simply adding CBD to the milk, Mary Jane’s have worked with roasters to develop a CBD coffee blend.

Regardless of how the coffee is infused with CBD, most users will agree that it tastes better added to coffee and other food items than when taken on its own. Other than masking the flavour of CBD, however, another major reason for drinking a CBD infused coffee is to help curb some of caffeine’s more negative effects.

Even before CBD cafés began popping up in trendy cities everywhere, some CBD users were already taking CBD alongside their morning coffee to counter the usual caffeine jitters. Other users might even see things the other way around, benefitting from the alertness that coffee offers to stop any minor drowsiness from CBD.

Journalist, Melissa Malamut tried drinking CBD coffee for a week to find out what it does for her anxiety. This might not immediately sound like a good idea, since coffee is generally known to make anxiety worse, but she found that CBD takes the edge off the effects that caffeine has on her. On her third day she writes: ‘I’m alert with no headache. Caffeine can sometimes give me heart palpitations and shaky hands, but today I feel calm.’

Dan Guy, owner of Espresso Bay, who was diagnosed with autoimmune disease has been using CBD for chronic pain in his legs. He now offers CBD infused coffee in his café. Dan says: ‘It’s the perfect combination, because the CBD oil can make you a little drowsy, so drinking it with your coffee kind of balances it out.’

How does CBD coffee work?

How exactly does CBD work to counter the effects of coffee and vice versa? It’s no secret that caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, which is the main reasons we love it. It gets our neurons firing and as a result we feel more awake. But these effects of coffee can be overwhelming for the nervous system and the neurons on the receiving end, resulting in feelings of stress and anxiety.

What CBD does is help regulate how the neurons on the receiving end are stimulated through the endocannabinoid system, which also forms part of the central nervous system and is distributed throughout the body in the form of endocannabinoid receptors.

While this is a good idea for someone who gets the coffee jitters every so often, for someone with an anxiety disorder, it’s probably still best to stay away from caffeine altogether.

How to make your own CBD latte

You’ll need a tincture of CBD oil and your favourite espresso brewing method.

Squeeze a few drops of CBD oil into half a cup of warm milk (don’t let it boil) and mix it together using a milk frother. Pour the milk over your brewed espresso, and that’s it.

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Last updated: Wednesday 24th July 2019