Monday 18th March 2019

Can CBD Be Used For Dogs?

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If you own a nervous pet or a pet with health issues, you may be aware of the benefits of using CBD to alleviate stress, inflammation, and pain in animals. This blog aims to bust the myths surrounding CBD for dogs and cats, as well as discussing correct dosage and the benefits of CBD for animals.

Pets can benefit widely from CBD, in the same manner that humans might. CBD can reduce pain, prevent seizures, minimise inflammation, relieve stress, prevent nausea, and even slow down the growth of cancerous cells. Whether your dog has separation anxiety, gets travel sick, or fears loud noises, CBD could help.

Can I give my dog CBD that is intended for humans?

Dogs, and most other animals, have the same system as humans that process cannabinoids, so it’s safe for you to give your pet CBD that is intended for humans. However, if both you and your pet will need to take CBD, most owners will buy separate supplements in order to better control dosage. We recommend using the 750mg CBD oil for your dog.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) works by moderating processes within the body by using cannabinoids. CBD and other compounds found in cannabis-derived supplements stimulate this system by activating or blocking the receptors.

How to give dogs human CBD

Be careful to dose CBD in the correct way and consider which will be the best way to administer it to ensure that is easy for your pet to digest. If your dog has too much CBD, there won’t be any serious side effects as our supplements contain 0% THC – however, in high doses, it can act as a sedative.

Similar to when you’re taking CBD yourself, start off with a small dose and then increase it over the period of a few weeks. You could add CBD to wet food in the morning and evening or put the drops directly under your dog’s tongue.

It could be worth making a diary of your dog’s reaction to the CBD. Monitor their behaviour at three points for each dose – before the CBD, immediately after the CBD, and then hours after the CBD. This will help you to determine the right steps forward and see whether it has benefitted your dog.

CBD dosage for dogs

At Canavape, you can buy CBD oil in three different strengths. Each higher strength (as labelled on the bottle) means that you will need to administer less CBD to have the same level of effectiveness.

The table below demonstrates how much CBD you should administer to your dog based on the 750mg CBD drop tincture from Canavape. In each dropper, there will be 2.5mg of CBD. When beginning a dosage, look at your dog’s weight, and start with the minimum dose for 2 weeks. Increase the dosage as needed, according to the amount in the table.

Pet Weight Minimum Dose Average Dose Maximum Dose
10lbs - 1 drop every 6-8 hours 8 drops per day
20lbs 1 drop every 6-8 hours 3 drops every 6-8 hours 17 drops per day
30lbs 1 drop every 6-8 hours 4 drops every 6-8 hours 25 drops per day
40lbs 2 drops every 6-8 hours 5 drops every 6-8 hours 33 drops per day
50lbs 2 drops every 6-8 hours 6 drops every 6-8 hours 42 drops per day
60lbs 2 drops every 6-8 hours 8 drops every 6-8 hours 50 drops per day
70lbs 3 drops every 6-8 hours 9 drops every 6-8 hours 58 drops per day
80lbs 3 drops every 6-8 hours 10 drops every 6-8 hours 67 drops per day
90lbs 4 drops every 6-8 hours 11 drops every 6-8 hours 75 drops per day
100lb 4 drops every 6-8 hours 13 drops every 6-8 hours 84 drops per day
110lb 4 drops every 6-8 hours 14 drops every 6-8 hours 92 drops per day
120lb 5 drops every 6-8 hours 15 drops every 6-8 hours 100 drops per day

Last updated: Tuesday 26th March 2019