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About Canavape®

Canavape® introduced CBD E Liquid to the European vape and E Liquid market in 2014. Canavape® is part of an innovate biotech company based in the UK serving customers and wholesale clients worldwide.
We kick started our ever expanding cannabinoid product range launching with our flagship Canavape® CBD E Liquid in a range of 4 flavours and one stength - Simply 100MG CBD. In no time at all vaping CBD E Liquid (or CBD Vape Juice) became an obvious and trendy alternative to nicotine E Liquids. 
In our words: Cannavaping™

We now produce the bestselling & most advanced CBD oils, CBD vape products and cannabinoid supplement's available. If you are looking where to buy best cbd e liquid then you have found us.

Since 2014 the CBD industry has expanded rapidly giving birth to a multitude of products containing CBD which include CBD oils in extract form, CBD concentrates and CBD topical products which are legal within the UK, EU and many countries globally. Many of which are carefully formulated under our direction within the UK.

Canavape® CBD e liquids are available in a classic E Liquid format (Flavoured as per the name) or alternately inclusive of Cannabis terpenes (Canavape® Complete).

All CBD E Liquids also contain CBG which is another promising legal non psychactive cannabinoid full of hope! Canavape® include this important cannabinoid alongside CBD making our product range some highest quality yet most affordable available. 

Canavape® 20ML CBD E Liquid offers our customers a choice of two strengths of CBD (200MG or 400MG) balanced at optimum ratios with CBG. The Canavape® 20ML CBD range is available in over 8 flavours... take your pick and experience the best CBD E Liquid available. Canavape® CBD E Liquid is now available in a pure base unflavoured option so you can simply add a flavour of your choice at home if you have a favorite that we don't offer.

Canavape® Complete 30ML CBD E Liquid was introduced in 2016 and is also available in two cannabinoid strengths. Canavape® Complete combines CBG (cannabigerol) with cannabis terpenes & CBD for a therapeutic vaping experience like no other. Favoured by cannabis enthusiasts globally. An original, authentic CBD vape juice range including cannabis derived terpenes and CBG. 

Canavape® CBD Vape Additive 10ML is a highly sought after yet affordable additive for DIY e liquid mixers who wish to incorporate CBD (cannabidiol) into their E Liquid at base level; or even to add to an existing pre made E Liquid. The sheer purity and quality high grade CBD isolate used in the production of our CBD vape additive is unrivalled. Every 1ml of our CBD juice additive contains over 60MG of active CBD which can be used in the early stage of mixing an e liquid and adding to a flavour. This light weight pure CBD base liquid can also be added to other consumables. 

ECS® gold drops CBD oils 30ML offer a convenient way to include our cannabinoid complex in a legal cannabis oil form for daily use. Easily applied under the tongue or with food: ECS® Gold Drops contain CBD oil, Cannabis Sativa L, THC free CBD extract, pure CBG as well as a highly bio-available formula.

ECS® CBD oils are available in a choice of 3%, 6%, or 12% cannabinoid strength and represent some of the highest quality yet cost effective CBD oils available online and in retail stores.

ECS® CBD Oils are bottled in a 30ML tincture bottle for ease of application and last approximately 3-5 weeks. ECS® CBD oil tinctures and CBD gold drops™ offer more than just simply CBD... A single bottle of gold drops enables an individual to test their cannabinoid receptors out over a full month and at a ratio which works in sync with your body.

ECS® Pure CBG oil is our latest addition to our cannabinoid complex range and is a legal hemp oil containing a minimum of 5% active CBG. Yes... CBG - Cannabigerol.
The active extract used in ECS® pure CBG oil also includes over 150MG of CBD. Everyone is different and you may find CBG to be beneficial when used at night time. Easily applied under the tongue or with food: ECS® Pure CBG oil contains CBD, CBDa oil, Cannabis Sativa L, THC free CBD extract in addition to a highly bio-available formula.
ECS® Pure CBG oil is available in a 5% CBG strength. 

For more information on CBD, CBD oils, cannabis derivatives, CBG and the benefits of cannabinoids please enjoy conducting your own research. Learning and educating yourself on your own "Endocannabinoid" system is a great place to start. We recommend trying one of our CBD products which suits you whether it be a CBD E Liquid, CBD oil drops or a topical application. All products sold on this website are best used and trialled for a minimum of two to four weeks. 

All products sold by Canavape® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. We do not offer medical advice nor do we market medical products. We recommend you conduct research into studies surrounding CBD, CBD oils and cannabinoids.

Canavape® sell CBD Oils, Pure CBD Isolate and offer UK /EU wholesale & distribution on all our CBD products at heavily discounted prices. Please fill out our wholesale enquiries form to obtain more information on wholesale CBD E Liquid, Pure CBD isolate and CBD oils... All available in bulk form - we offer a 48 hour dispatch time from our UK based facilities (UK - Worldwide)

Canavape® is a subsidiary of NV Biotech (UK) 


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