About Canavape®

The original and best choice for CBD E-Liquids, oils, and more.

Canavape started in a humble business unit in England in 2014 as the first company to offer CBD vape products in Europe. We’re now based in London and sell our products across the globe.

We helped to shape the CBD E-Liquid market but also offer a range of other CBD products including CBD oil, supplements, and isolate, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t vape, you can still get a CBD product that’s right for you.

We’re serious about quality, so all of our CBD products are formulated and produced in a UK based laboratory with care, attention, and precision. From the early days of small batch production to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of cannabinoid products in Europe, we’ve always kept quality and reliability at the core of our process.

The products in our vaping liquid range all contain CBD, CBG, and naturally derived plant terpenes, providing a vaping experience that’s unique, therapeutic, and wholesome. We also sell vape pens and starter kits that are perfect for beginners to CBD vaping.

Each of our other CBD products matches up to the quality of our E-Liquid, with the oils and cannabinoids we use in our CBD tinctures, supplements, and isolate coming from all-organic sources to create pure and reliable alternatives to vaping.

Our organic and distinctive products are backed up by outstanding customer care and next day delivery, making us the best choice for your CBD needs.

The three pillars that hold Canavape up above the competition are:


We only want to provide CBD products from organic sources, made with care, and sold with expertise. We’re not in the business of lying or exaggerating and you can trust our process.


We introduced CBD E-Liquid to Europe and we’ve not stopped pushing the boundaries of CBD products since. Cannabinoids are our passion and it shows in our products.


Our expertise in CBD positions us perfectly to create the highest quality products that cut no corners and spare no details. You’ll not find a range of purer CBD products anywhere else.

Don’t accept any less than the best, choose the UK’s leading CBD product manufacturer for CBD E-Liquids, oils, and more.

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